Learn how you can build your own home

Learn how you can build your own home

Have you dreamed of building your own home, but thought otherwise? There are many good reasons to build your own home, some of which are the amount of money you can save and you will have complete control.

Hiring a contractor to build your home is great – for the contractor. Did you know that they make, on average, about 25% of the total cost of your home? Imagine what you could do with that extra money. A general contractor is great at scheduling subcontractors, something that you could do easily. You do not need to know building code or have any building trade skills to build your own home.

Most houses or renovation projects are done by general contractors. They are responsible for obtaining the necessary permits, ordering materials, hiring subcontractors, and then coordinating it all. This is something that you can do yourself and save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars. Organization is the key to getting things done and if you have any organizational skills, you can handle this job.

Let’s review a few things you will need to know and do in order to build your own home:

First, you will be building your home to live in, which in most states and locals does not require that you be licensed or bonded. Contact your local building inspector or building department and find out what their requirements are, most times you will just need to apply for the necessary building permits, and they are more than happy to help you with this task. Note that you most likely will need to have a set of blueprints for your home design. You should already have this from a professional architect.

After you have acquired all of the necessary permits and/or insurance, you can begin doing your research and start negotiating on your purchase of building materials and subcontractors. There is amble information available on the internet today regarding what steps you need to follow in building a home. You will also obtain valuable advice from the subcontractors you hire, regarding when they should begin their portion of the job.

Once you have everyone hired, you can set your schedule. Keep in mind that delays can happen. Most subcontractors understand this and can be somewhat fluid in their schedule, however, they have more than your job to complete. Keeping on schedule is probably one of the most important pieces of building your home.

As with most large projects, it is almost impossible to anticipate everything that may go wrong, and you will have a learning curve to get through in building your home, but the rewards of building your own home will far outweigh any stumbles along the way!

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Buying a House in America

Real Estate Services

Thanks for visiting All American Real Estate Company, your source for real estate information on buying and selling real estate property and more!

At All American Real Estate Company we act as the Property Finder of choice. How? By being a Property Manager who is also a REALTOR. This gives you strength of our REALTOR network with access to the most up-to-date forms, the latest regulations and access to the finest minds and advisers in the industry. American Real Estate Company is constantly working on property sales, leasing and rentals for the USA. We also help to find the affordable apartments for rent. At American Real Estate Company we act as the Property Finder of choice. By being a Property Manager who is also a REALTOR. American Real Estate Company is constantly working on property sales, leasing and rentals for the USA.
We know the business well and will match both you and your lifestyle to an appropriate property that’s within your price range. We won’t stop until you’re happy, either. We know this is a big investment for you and want you to be satisfied and happy with your real estate investments.

At All American Real Estate Company you can find information on local schools, weather, local information, links and other local resources for all areas in your surrounding communities. Let us take the guess work out for you. Now you have a tool to find the proven best real estate agents by state and major metropolitan areas–According to the most recent census data. All 50 states and all major cities. ARC ranks, collects and verifies all of the data in these reports to produce a completely unbiased and ethical an ethical and completely unbiased report. ARC is a consulting and communications company for the residential real estate industry and has been widely known as the trusted source for data, news, and trends for the residential real estate industry. Now you have a tool to find the proven best real estate agents by state and major metropolitan areas. ARC is a consulting and communications company for the residential real estate industry and has been widely known as the trusted source for data, news, and trends for the residential real estate industry.
At All American Real Estate Company we act as the Property Finder of choice. American Real Estate Company is constantly working on property sales, leasing and rentals for the USA. ARC is a consulting and communications company for the residential real estate industry and has been widely known as the trusted source for data, news, and trends for the residential real estate industry.

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The Electrician and Your Electrical Service

The electrician ought to be an honest, punctual and reliable person. In fact, most electrical problems that he faces turn out to be the building’s connection instead of the appliance itself. One needs to always receive a skilled electrician for any type of electrical project. electrical-work-phoenix
Some electricians decide to specialize in only one of these regions, although many are trained to handle many different jobs in either commercial or residential places. They generally go through rigorous tests to ensure they are fully qualified to provide high quality services to the public. They have to understand the theory, as well as they know how to apply the practical side of the business. For that reason, it will become necessary for them to locate a residential or business electrician Phoenix Arizona depending upon the essence of work. To summarize, an industrial electrician will continue to keep your company free from industrial electrical hazards. In case you are seeking to be an industrial electrician, there are particular measures to follow to be sure you get to the pinnacle of your career within this field. Becoming an experienced electrician isn’t as difficult as one might imagine.
The electrician will have to break into a lot more fields in order to learn his trade and put it to use in an efficient and secure way. It is not possible to learn all you need to understand about becoming an electrician just by attending a sole course. Electrician you are employing must be comfortable of handling the whole electrical repair including fixing of low and higher voltage appliances. It’s crucial guarantee the Electrician understands what you are in fact asking for. Locating a trustworthy emergency electrician isn’t too hard today. It’s likewise essential to make certain that the 24 hour emergency electrician you pick is qualified.
Not every electrician wants a license. Second, electricians are responsible for a great deal of unique sectors which means your job could be different each day. An experienced electrician has a lot of opportunities for advancement.
An electrician should be systematic. Hence he must have capabilities to deal with any worse situation regarding electrical problems. It isn’t the best way to appoint an electrician for those that are careful regarding the protection of his dwelling. Pursuing a career as an electrician is a significant choice as there is a great deal of scope to grow within this area. Please, for the interest of the situations you hold dear, employ a professional electrician and keep safe. An industrial electrician is going to be the contractor to employ as a way to comply with government regulations. In case you aren’t certain where to start in regards to finding an excellent business electrician, you may want to ask others in your district.
Electricians utilize many unique tools. It is essential that electricians follow state, local codes along with national electrical codes. You should definitely seek the services of a certified electrician to do electrical services to your residence or business. There are building booms throughout the planet, and as an accredited electrician you are able to go anywhere, I mean anywhere. It needs to be evident why it’s essential to employ a licensed Denver electrician.


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Spray Foam Insulation Service

Spray Foam Insulation Service

If you are looking to insulate your house from the cold in winter or worried about keeping the cold air in during the summer, spray foam insulation is probably your best energy saving idea. Spray Polyurethane Foam insulation installers are certified technicians qualified to do this particular type of insulation. They are certified SPF installers.

Spray Foam Insulation services use this type of insulation instead of the old fiberglass insulation. As anyone who has crawled into an attic knows, fiberglass itches wherever it makes contact with skin. It’s hard to wash away and can actually cause tiny cuts in the skin. No fiberglass installer will work with it without gloves. Spray Foam has none of those annoying properties.

There are two types of Spray Foam insulation

Closed cell spray foam – This is made up of tiny foam bubbles filled with gas which make the foam rise and fill any cracks as it expands and cures. This type is completely moisture proof, water proof as well as air proof.

Open cell spray foam – This is made of cells that are not completely closed. They are open and air fills the tiny pockets in the material. This type is used increasingly in attics and to spray an under coating on the bottom of the roof sheathing there by sealing the roof from any air leaks.

Spray foam when installed right will insulate the crawlspace beneath your feet, the walls that separate your house into rooms, and the roof that protects you from the weather. It forms a plastic cocoon that won’t let air in or out of your home.

An added function of this kind of insulation, aside from being a very efficient energy saver, is that it helps to fireproof the home. Fires can only burn with oxygen no outside air means less combustion. The foam insulation won’t burn either so when a fire reaches the insulation it goes out for lack of fuel. This means that any fire started will be contained to whatever room the fire is in.

Back to the main purpose of Spray Foam Insulation, it will insulate your home from the outside elements. A spray foam roof will guarantee absolutely no leaks of water or air can get to your home. Spray foam insulation is an air and moisture barrier. Spray foam roofing is a relative new idea, but seems to be the perfect answer to how to save a metal roof. Spray foam is used to coat rooms to form an acoustical barrier making them more soundproof and better for speaker systems inside the room.

spray foam


The benefits of Spray Foam insulation:

1. Sustainable Green Energy efficiency

2. Energy savings means money saving over the long haul

3. Lightweight

4. Seamless

5. Watertight

6. Durable

7. Will eliminate ponding

8. It has the highest R value – best for insulation material

9. Self flashing (waterproofing)

10. Flexible

11. Ease of maintenance

12. Long Lasting

13. Versatile

14. Fireproof

Spray foam insulation when used as roofing not only insulates the house but is the most durable of all roofing materials lasting as many as 50 years. SPF roofs have lasted through hurricanes like Katrina better than any other roofing material. SPF is lightning proof. SPF is nontoxic, therefore good for the environment.

A house with SPF insulation is the greenest, most efficient and most energy saving and the only thing better is when the roofing is also SPF. If some imperfections happen over time, silicone caulk is all that is needed to repair a crack. Most insulation or roofing companies that use Sprayed Foam Insulation or Sprayed Foam Roofing will give a 20 year warranty. Spray foam will prevent mold, by controlling moisture. Architects love spray foam because of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in certification and NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) Green Building Certification. Architects who get noticed as green building designers are awarded more contracts from business and government facilities.



Up to 40% of the energy of a home is wasted when normal fiberglass insulation is used. That 40% is saved by blown Spray Foam Insulation. Ask for an insulator to come home and give you a free estimate today. It may save you the total price of your home over the next 40 years. Get more for less!!

closed cell spray foam

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Building a New House vs Buying an Existing Home

home buying in arizona


Whether you build your dream home or purchase an existing home, there are different issues that will arise from either path you choose.Owning your home will be one of the most significant decisions you will make in your lifetime, therefore, you should take your time and make the right decision for you, your family, and your future.Let’s look at the pros and cons of both:

Building Your Dream Home

Many homeowners, especially new home owners, start out thinking they want to build their dream home.Instead of trying to fit your lifestyle into an already existing home, you can build one that fits you.While there are many plus or advantages to building your own home, there are just as many disadvantages.Here are few to help you make your decision:

•Pros – building your dream home will offer you a great sense of accomplishment and have amazing sentimental value.You can have everything your way – both structurally and cosmetically!In addition, when building your own home, everything will be new, which typically means less repairs for at least several years.Building your own home also allows you to be pickier about the spot of your home.You can search for the perfect community, with the perfect schools, tax benefits, and neighborhood for you.

•Cons – building a home typically will take longer than you would expect.You will need to continue living in another home until your new home is ready and if there are any delays, well you could be stuck.In addition, there may be unexpected costs that can increase the price of the construction.While there are advantages of building a new home in a community, there are also some disadvantages – you may have to pay additional homeowner association fees because you are building your own home, and in some developments you are restricted to floor plans, number of square feet, or number of floors you can have.

Buying an Existing Home

Many looking to buy a home will simply look to the real estate section of their paper or contact a Realtor.This may seem perfect for some, but purchasing a previously owned home can have its drawbacks and challenges.Here are few things to consider when deciding whether to buy your home:

•Pros – the biggest advantage of buying a home already built, is that typically you can purchase, close the deal, and move in rather quickly.You also may have the opportunity to save some money, as you might be able to negotiate the price down.
•Cons – as with any existing home, depending on the age, the prior owner’s maintenance habits, and more, you may be purchasing a home that is riddled with problems.This could cost you more money down the road to make the repairs.

No matter which avenue you choose, do your research and choose the best option for your needs.

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