Spray Foam Insulation Service

Spray Foam Insulation Service

If you are looking to insulate your house from the cold in winter or worried about keeping the cold air in during the summer, spray foam insulation is probably your best energy saving idea. Spray Polyurethane Foam insulation installers are certified technicians qualified to do this particular type of insulation. They are certified SPF installers.

Spray Foam Insulation services use this type of insulation instead of the old fiberglass insulation. As anyone who has crawled into an attic knows, fiberglass itches wherever it makes contact with skin. It’s hard to wash away and can actually cause tiny cuts in the skin. No fiberglass installer will work with it without gloves. Spray Foam has none of those annoying properties.

There are two types of Spray Foam insulation

Closed cell spray foam – This is made up of tiny foam bubbles filled with gas which make the foam rise and fill any cracks as it expands and cures. This type is completely moisture proof, water proof as well as air proof.

Open cell spray foam – This is made of cells that are not completely closed. They are open and air fills the tiny pockets in the material. This type is used increasingly in attics and to spray an under coating on the bottom of the roof sheathing there by sealing the roof from any air leaks.

Spray foam when installed right will insulate the crawlspace beneath your feet, the walls that separate your house into rooms, and the roof that protects you from the weather. It forms a plastic cocoon that won’t let air in or out of your home.

An added function of this kind of insulation, aside from being a very efficient energy saver, is that it helps to fireproof the home. Fires can only burn with oxygen no outside air means less combustion. The foam insulation won’t burn either so when a fire reaches the insulation it goes out for lack of fuel. This means that any fire started will be contained to whatever room the fire is in.

Back to the main purpose of Spray Foam Insulation, it will insulate your home from the outside elements. A spray foam roof will guarantee absolutely no leaks of water or air can get to your home. Spray foam insulation is an air and moisture barrier. Spray foam roofing is a relative new idea, but seems to be the perfect answer to how to save a metal roof. Spray foam is used to coat rooms to form an acoustical barrier making them more soundproof and better for speaker systems inside the room.

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The benefits of Spray Foam insulation:

1. Sustainable Green Energy efficiency

2. Energy savings means money saving over the long haul

3. Lightweight

4. Seamless

5. Watertight

6. Durable

7. Will eliminate ponding

8. It has the highest R value – best for insulation material

9. Self flashing (waterproofing)

10. Flexible

11. Ease of maintenance

12. Long Lasting

13. Versatile

14. Fireproof

Spray foam insulation when used as roofing not only insulates the house but is the most durable of all roofing materials lasting as many as 50 years. SPF roofs have lasted through hurricanes like Katrina better than any other roofing material. SPF is lightning proof. SPF is nontoxic, therefore good for the environment.

A house with SPF insulation is the greenest, most efficient and most energy saving and the only thing better is when the roofing is also SPF. If some imperfections happen over time, silicone caulk is all that is needed to repair a crack. Most insulation or roofing companies that use Sprayed Foam Insulation or Sprayed Foam Roofing will give a 20 year warranty. Spray foam will prevent mold, by controlling moisture. Architects love spray foam because of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in certification and NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) Green Building Certification. Architects who get noticed as green building designers are awarded more contracts from business and government facilities.



Up to 40% of the energy of a home is wasted when normal fiberglass insulation is used. That 40% is saved by blown Spray Foam Insulation. Ask for an insulator to come home and give you a free estimate today. It may save you the total price of your home over the next 40 years. Get more for less!!

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